Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tagged! and my WIPs (shocking photos ahead)

First of all (and before I forget) - thanks to everyone for the great podcast suggestions. I also found a few from the CBC (especially Comedy Central!) to keep me amused.


Jeanne tagged me with a meme - I have to come up with 7 random things about me (and by the way...I'm tagging Leanne , Renee and Knitting Granny) here goes...

1. I really only have one eyebrow - years of diligent plucking and waxing make is seem otherwise.
2. I dislike colour combinations for wierd reasons - black and blue (bruise!), yellow and black (bumble bee!)
3. I usually think I'm thinner than I really am...I have NO idea what this means.
4. I'm not dating right now because it seems like WAY too much hassle.
5. On my right foot, the two toes beside my big toe are the same length as my big toe. This was, perhaps surprisingly, not an advantage when wearing point shoes in ballet class when I was 13.
6. I hate housework...passionately.
7. I have a stunning number of knitting projects on the go right now...which brings me to...

UnFinished Objects (a photoessay)

Lizard Ridge - 1 1/2 blocks (out of...24...eek) in Noro Kureyon. The picture doesn't do the colours justice at all. Its a fun and quick knit and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something to knit that doesn't involve buying all the wool at once and who likes a nice sense of accomplishment even if the whole thing isn't done yet.

I'm flying to Toronto on Wednesday and needed something airplane friendly to bamboo needles. I decided to cast on toe-up socks from the most recent Interweave Knits. So far I'm really disliking 1. the needles which are grabby and rough and not really sharp enough and 2. the Eastern cast on which ended up being either too tight (I thought the needles were going to snap) or too loose. I left it loose and figure I can use the tail to duplicate stitch over the toe to tighten it up. Apple Pie yarn in the Best Friends colourway.

This is a fun and quick pattern from knitty - Sonnet. Its a neat sideways knit but I am a bit confused about how the photo shows a sweater with a boatneck and the way its knit is going to end up with a square neck? Either way it'll be nice...but its almost as though its a different sweater. The nice thing is that you use your stitch gauge and input the numbers into the pattern, calculate your cast on stitches and then just follow along. That's Phildar - a bulky merino that is quite lovely and lofty.

Sigh...I don't want to talk about this one...but I will cause I'm a sucker for punishment. Its My So-Called Scarf in Berrocco Calico. For some reason I keep forgetting how to knit the pattern. And everytime I do 10 or so rows I end up with the wrong number of stitches.

Two destined for the frog pond...Icarus because its been so long I need to start over. And a discloth that my cat decided to pee on. Good thing I was already unimpressed with it. Apparently he was not too impressed either.

"Someday I'll have arms...and a pretty dress...and eyes and a nose. I will be a real stuffed animal! And someone will love me and cuddle me!" (the guilt is gonna kill me). Stuffed bear for Madeline who needs something special to snuggle when she's at Daddy's house and misses me.

Felted clogs from FibreTrends in Patons Classic Wool - also for Madeline. The first clog was a breeze. The second one isn't cooperating as nicely.

Sock in SWTC's Tofutsies - very nice to knit...Yarn Harlot's sock recipe.

Fairisle from Dalegarn - I am very worried about gauge because my swatching Cross fingers. Thats Baby Ull.

Conceptual artwork: "Dropped Stitch" - I had to frog this sock for the billionth time a week ago. We are not getting along right now. Have been discussing this yarn's lack of commitment in therapy. I understand that this may be out of my control and must come to terms with the fact that sometimes you just have to let the yarn be a skein or ball and not try to shape it into something else.

Defiance (def.) - Doing something as stupid as jumping up onthe balcony railing just because you can.


Bumbershootska said...

Dang - I tagged you too
Ah well, your answers are there so it's all good ;)
Love the kitty! He looks like our late, great Billy, our much loved stray. Yours looks very well-loved, tooo

wanna-baa said...

Okay, DROOLING over Sonnet sweater... yum.
and love the clogs (or is that still clog, singular). re: previous post about lovely weather and balcony spinning... Can you not learn to type/edit with your feet, so you can knit MORE ?! :)

wanna-baa said...

p.s. seen this?

Jeanne said...

I just love when I'm reading a blog post laughing my ass off and my whole family starts slowly walking away from me like I'm a lunatic! I was giggling away reading yours...too funny on the dishcloth - but how nice that she chose that and not the fair isle! Lovely projects - and your list makes me feel better about mine!

Joanna said...

Love the WIPs, especially the Sonnet sweater. I notice in your "on the bedside table" that you are reading the Well of Lost this the first Thursday Next novel you've read? If so what do you think? I love them, but they are a little different and some ppl find them hard to get used to. By the way thanx for the heads up re. the Yahoo group for ottawa knitters, I'll definitely have a look. I'm usually knitting on the 111, so that's why I've never seen you knitting away.