Thursday, April 5, 2007

Blogiversary month!

Today is it! I've been blogging for a year and it seems like a good time to reflect on the whole experience. So given my penchant for point form are my blog thoughts in no particular order... (by the way, if you want to skip the stream of consciousness and go straight to the good stuff...scroll past the list)

1. Blogging takes on a life of its own -- although it seemed like a diary to start with, the blog itself became its own "thing" very quickly. Like about the same time people started commenting and I realized that I had a small audience out there.

2. Blogging can be a drag -- as in "I haven't blogged recently and no one is going to visit me anymore" Which makes me wonder if I am blogging for me, blogging for others, blogging just because or all three at once.

3. Blogging can be depressing -- when no one posts a comment and I wonder if I a) pissed everyone off or b) am so boring it isn't worth reacting to or c)'s your blog! who cares!

4. Blogging can be enlightening -- those rambling posts that no one really wants to read through? Those are the ones that seem to feed my soul the best.

I guess that it comes down to the fact that blogging is an inherently social exercise - and like all situations where you put yourself out there for others to see, it contains the same anxieties and successes.

Okay...I've bored you all to the good stuff. I am going to celebrate my 1 year blogiversary with a cool stuff give-away - some stuff will appeal to knitters, some to spinners and some to everyone. Every week this month I'll post a nifty gift. Anyone who wants in on the draw for it will need to send me an email at ambergem @ hotmail dot com by the deadline. You'll be assigned a number based on the order I get the emails and then I'll use this nifty tool to draw randomly.

First up - for the spinners or felters...50 g of Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester roving and Knit Scarves!

Email by Wednesday, April 11th for your chance to win this fantastic prize pack worth...okay never mind ;-)
And we'll end this post with pure bliss...sometimes I wish I could be a cat...


Leanne said...

Happy Blogversary! Your list sums up my thoughts on blogging exactly. I really enjoy your blog, so I'm looking forward to your 2nd bloggy year.

Lovely prizes you have there. I won't be submitting an entry, because I don't spin, and I don't plan to. Knitting is enough obsession for me - trying spinning would just take me down a slippery slope where I dare not tread. But good luck to all those who enter!

J. said...

oh oh spinning treats, here comes my email

Heatherly said...

happy blog-iversary!

Renee said...

I hear you about blogging. Delightful and dreadful at the same time, isn't it?

Jeanne said...

Happy Blogversary! I'm so glad I found your blog, and always enjoy reading it...and agree on your feelings about it. I'll be sending an email for the spinning treats....very nice!

Moi in Vancouver said...

Happy Blogaversary. Your nails are rather long! They remind me of Karen's.