Thursday, February 15, 2007

Earth Shattering Kaboom!

So…the Very Important Thing finally happened! Did you feel it? Did the earth move for you about 2 pm on Valentine’s Day? Did your world change? Did everything seem somehow brighter and shinier?

No? Yeah. Me either.

So to celebrate – I have a few pics to share today – one FO and a nearly done sock.

Pattern: Charlotte's Web Shawl from Koigu in Apple Laine reds (5 skeins plenty left over to add to a sock but not enough for a pair). This was a really fun knit after I clued into the "put a marker after every repeat and your life will be much much better" rule. Now I just want to give it away because frankly? I find it a bit too small for my liking. And I'm done with it too. Wierd isn't covet a pattern and work so hard on it? I guess that makes me a process knitter?

Next up:

The Yarn Harlot's sock recipe from Knitting Rules in a since discontinued Simple Stripes from KnitPicks. These are knitting up super super fast. It is either because I am using 2.75mm instead of I used for the last pair - or I am getting much faster. Either way, watching the colours change and the nifty not-quite-fair-isle-so-that's-why-it-was-so-cheap white bits show up makes for an entertaining knit. The only thing is that they are a bit narrow, but fit Madeline though not for long. I have some more in another colourway I'll try but only if the yarn softens up a bit after a good wash. It seems a bit prickly.

So that's kinda all she wrote. I am off work tomorrow after it was not unkindly suggested that I might want to relax for a day before the constant "please god let me die before I have to change the damned documents again!" drove my co-workers to commit mass suicide or murder me savagely. My plan is laundry (so we can be sure to survive the deep freeze with no risk of frostbite to the naked bits), cooking some freeze-able stuff for the next week (seems I am a better parent when making dinner is easy) and maybe a wee little side trip to an LYS or two for some fondling and coveting.


Lissa said...

Oh my goodness, but that shawl is just beautiful. Well done!

Leanne said...

That shawl sure is purty! I never feel bad if I don't want to wear an item I've knit - especially one that was a really fun, interesting knit. I know I'm much more about process than product, I just love to be knitting. The end result is just a happy little by-product!

I also bought some of that Knit Picks yarn, to make a baby sweater. But I didn't, because the yarn felt rough and smelled something awful. I did a swatch, and washed it a couple of times, but it still didn't feel like it would make a suitable baby sweater.

Renee said...

Your shawl is very nice. Too bad it seems small. Maybe if you start wearing it, the love will grow.

wanna-baaaaa said...

(Glad to see that Thursday, aka Day Of or Day After Impending Breakdown, you were writing instead of quivering in a corner talking to your yarn!) Nice Knitting, babe! And may I add that Clapotis is A VERY GOOD THING esp. now that Winter has finally arrived the last 3-4 weeks in Burbia.

Jeanne said...

The shawl is beautiful! Very very nice - makes me want to cast on for one of my own! Hope you had a nice day off work, and that you had a chance to have a bit of fun!

Renee said...

Well, yeah, it does sort of fold over on itself. Usually I'm too Type A to be able to handle stuff like that but surprisingly ok with it. Maybe I'm loosening up in my old age.