Monday, June 19, 2006

Yesterday's post...

I re-read my post from yesterday and it gave me a few glimmers:

- It reads like a post from one of my blogs where someone goes out to some event and then raves and I always think: wow! I totally admire that she did that...I wish I could do that...then I'd be a totally different person. Well...I'm still me but I'm glad I went. It gave me some confidence to try new things. It was a bit wierd to be a loner there since most people travelled with their guilds and got to hang out in groups. But I was kind of happy to wander on my own and didn't feel as self-conscious as I usually do when I go to these things in a work context.

- Where else can you go buy a 1/2 ounce baggie and not risk getting arrested?

The baby blankie is very nearly almost done! It is blocking on my bedroom floor RIGHT NOW! All ends have been sewn in! All that is left is to sew down some swirls of single crochet - pretty much the only kind of crochet I can do - into some of the squares for some added "whimsey" and she will be done. It was really very damned hot this weekend - especially with a baby blanket on my lap for most of it.

Unfortunately I don't have enough for a hat, so I found a bootie pattern and am nearly done the first bootie. I chose to do multicoloured stripes and I think the ends I have to weave in amount to more than the actual knit item itself. I suppose I can interpret it as added warmth. I'm going to try to get a photo of this stuff before I give it away and will post here as soon as I get a chance.

I will be very happy to be finished this project. This kind of monogamy doesn't suit me very well at all!

Now I do have to report one source of concern. I have spotted a moth at my house. I am trying NOT TO PANIC. I have checked through my stuff and so far I don't see any holes in anything but I may have to do a more serious dive into the stash to confirm that things are okay.

I did learn, to my complete dismay, that moths will eat through plastic bags to get to wool. I did learn that they do not eat through paper bags...and that garden waste bags are particularly good. I have to confess that the need to protect the stash is now doing battle with my desire to have pretty baggies of wool around. What exactly is a girl to do?

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