Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dental therapy

So if yesterday was all about my head, today is unfortunately all about my teeth. Specifically the first molar on the top left.

It has a cavity.

Notice that I do not have the cavity. Because I prefer to feel that this is a situation that was imposed upon me by vengeful dental gods and goddesses who think that I have gone FAR too long without a needle in my mouth. Cause, you know, its character building!

So I will go see David who has been poking around my mouth for over 20 years and he will tell me that this is much harder on him than it is on me - which somehow makes me feel better and more amenable to opening my checkbook to pay him for the pleasure of freezing me up to my eyeballs.

I love David anyway. I love David the way you love the most annoying brother you have -- with a sense of obligation mixed with resentment. A brother you give money to no matter how badly he hurts your feelings.

In other news...Shadow has become a toddler. A toddler with diarrhea. Like babies, its a good thing kittens are cute and precious. Of course, in cat world, being a toddler means that for about 3 hours a day the cat is a ferocious hunter capable of taking down the largest of foil balls and a fine acrobat with curtain climbing skills to rival a black panther. For the other 21 hours a day, your kitten naps. Because all that stalking and pouncing is TIRING. But no matter how tired your kitten, he will wake up as soon as you pick up your knitting needles...because now there is STRING!!!

So I'm off to endure an hour of expensive state-sanctioned torture. Is it odd that I would prefer to have another baby instead of this?


wanna-baa said...

I know you're lying about the baby instead of the dentist. Because I know the little satisfied smile that crosses your face when you say Ahhhh, I'm so done. Cuz this baby mixed with what is happening with his own teeth is NOT FUN and I'm thinking how lovely a kitten would be instead. And that they should make dental freezing stuff in Infant Liquid Needles so we could all get some sleep.

stitch-dom said...

Okay...I confess. It wasn't THAT bad.

As for your "kitten" ... I think that's how the whole give-em-brandy thing started.